Source code for brainmodels.synapses.GABAa

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from .AMPA import AMPA

__all__ = [

[docs]class GABAa(AMPA): r"""GABAa conductance-based synapse model. **Model Descriptions** GABAa synapse model has the same equation with the `AMPA synapse <./brainmodels.synapses.AMPA.rst>`_, .. math:: \frac{d g}{d t}&=\alpha[T](1-g) - \beta g \\ I_{syn}&= - g_{max} g (V - E) but with the difference of: - Reversal potential of synapse :math:`E` is usually low, typically -80. mV - Activating rate constant :math:`\alpha=0.53` - De-activating rate constant :math:`\beta=0.18` - Transmitter concentration :math:`[T]=1\,\mu ho(\mu S)` when synapse is triggered by a pre-synaptic spike, with the duration of 1. ms. **Model Examples** - `Gamma oscillation network model <>`_ **Model Parameters** ============= ============== ======== ======================================= **Parameter** **Init Value** **Unit** **Explanation** ------------- -------------- -------- --------------------------------------- delay 0 ms The decay length of the pre-synaptic spikes. g_max 0.04 µmho(µS) Maximum synapse conductance. E -80 mV Reversal potential of synapse. alpha 0.53 \ Activating rate constant of G protein catalyzed by activated GABAb receptor. beta 0.18 \ De-activating rate constant of G protein. T 1 mM Transmitter concentration when synapse is triggered by a pre-synaptic spike. T_duration 1 ms Transmitter concentration duration time after being triggered. ============= ============== ======== ======================================= **Model Variables** ================== ================== ================================================== **Member name** **Initial values** **Explanation** ------------------ ------------------ -------------------------------------------------- g 0 Synapse gating variable. pre_spike False The history of pre-synaptic neuron spikes. spike_arrival_time -1e7 The arrival time of the pre-synaptic neuron spike. ================== ================== ================================================== **References** .. [1] Destexhe, Alain, and Denis Paré. "Impact of network activity on the integrative properties of neocortical pyramidal neurons in vivo." Journal of neurophysiology 81.4 (1999): 1531-1547. """
[docs] def __init__(self, pre, post, conn, delay=0., g_max=0.04, E=-80., alpha=0.53, beta=0.18, T=1., T_duration=1., method='exp_auto', name=None): super(GABAa, self).__init__(pre, post, conn, delay=delay, g_max=g_max, E=E, alpha=alpha, beta=beta, T=T, T_duration=T_duration, method=method, name=name)